“As a holistic health counselor and herbalist, I have always been interested in healing. There are a lot of products out there that make big promises but fail to deliver results, which is why I’ve always focused on a patient’s innate ability to heal themselves and the world. When Amber introduced me to Amethyst Biomat, I was unusually curious because I could sense that this was not your typical healing product. We had been in a 4 day intensive seminar together which had us up very early and going to bed very late. I was so completely exhausted by the end of it. Amber invited me to lay down on her Biomat and after only 15 minutes I experienced a deep sense of calm and wellbeing, and at the same time a pulse of rejuvenating energy. It was like I had awoken from a full night of sleep. Following my encounter with the Biomat, I could not stop dreaming about it. Every night the Biomat would somehow be in my dream. Finally one morning I woke up and agreed with my persistent dreams that it was time to buy one. Now I sleep on my Biomat every night and feel so balanced and rejuvenated in the morning. I do meditations on it as well, and feel that the Biomat really amplifies my energy. I have also bypassed multiple colds and flus by doing hot treatments, and enjoy doing the sauna treatments. After experiencing such powerful results in myself and my clients, I decided to start selling Biomats to others interested in purchasing and distributing the products worldwide and createdwww.Biomathealth.com. Amber was very helpful in answering my questions as a new distributor. Eight years later, I have worked with thousands of customers and distributors and have the joy of hearing all the other success stories. I am immensely grateful that I met Amber on that fortuitous night, and am deeply satisfied knowing that I am helping to promote a product that truly heals and expands the human experience.”

– JB

“Any time my children have stomach aches or my wife has menstrual cramps, the Biomat on high settings for 15-30 minutes gives relief like nothing else.”
– Jeffrey Williams

“I have a chronic unknown disorder somewhat like MS. My Biomat is often the only tool or technique that tests beneficial for me. If I didn’t sleep and meditate on it regularly I would not even be able to control my hands.”
– Shawn Quinn

“For years my belly would stay cold while the rest of me would be hot and uncomfortable. My digestion had been off and I’d been gaining weight. I started using the biomat and after 3 weeks my belly would warm up and my digestion got better. I also lost some weight and feel certain that I averted something much worse.”
– Phillip Evans

“Once or twice a week, I like to do a sauna session. First, I take a shower, drink two glasses of water, and put a natural fiber robe on. Then I lie on my Biomat covered with a down comforter. It feels like a cocoon of light surrounds me and I sweat for 30 minutes to an hour. After this, I drink two more glasses of water. It is a powerful and invigorating detox. It is also great to do if you ever feel as though you are getting sick since it will simulate a fever and charge your immune system.”
– Sam David

“I take a sauna every morning to start my day, followed by a cool shower – this activates my lymph glands and balances my hormones. I have also lost weight.”
-Vivian Satow

“To cool and refresh, I use it on just “power on”. This setting does not generate heat, but only generates negative ions. This is a relaxing and refreshing setting.”
– Thomas Paul

I have been a fitness, health, wellness, teacher/trainer my entire  life, I love bringing the tools for health and well being to as many people as possible. For years I would just get burnt out by the end of a super busy fitness summer on Martha’s Vineyard I had been searching for something other then my usual anti stress routine to help take the edge off.I needed to give back to myself. I found I was tired and frustrated and basically not feeling ok. I heard about the Richway biomat and was instantly interested. Intuitively I knew it would help me, I had no idea at that time how much. That was in July 2012
 So I borrowed one and the first time on it I stayed 6 hours. I loved it. When it was time to return the demo I had borrowed I was very distraught – at that moment I knew it was time to invest in one for myself.
 I sleep on it almost every night. I share it with everyone I love. My clients all love them.  The Biomat has changed my life, and changed my business. I am grateful for this amazing tool. I am now in Panama and look forward to sharing my mat internationally!
Nisa Counter


“Within the first nights of sleeping on the Biomat, I slept more soundly and awoke more deeply relaxed than ever before. In the summer it helps me to sleep cooler.”-Lula Chapman

“If I am feeling stressed, a short rest on the Biomat always refreshes.”
– Sarah Davis

“Within three months I had dropped one clothing size. I had been taking frequent “saunas” once or twice a week on the Biomat (High Red Settings 149F – 158F).”
-Jana Taylor

“When I was recovering from chronic fatigue and rebooting my immune system, I spent almost 18 hours a day on the Biomat rotating through the different settings. Now I use it for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. And when I travel, use the Biomat for jet-lag and for boosting my immune system. If I feel symptoms of flu or cold coming on, I use the Biomat for an hour at middle heat, and I will not get sick.”
– Amber Monaghan

“I love to lie on my stomach on the Biomat. This is helpful for easing menstrual cramps and aiding digestion. I also like to lie on my back with my knees bent and the bottoms of my feet on the Biomat, especially when my feet are cold/and or sore. I feel that it opens the reflex points and meridians. Receiving a massage on it can be heavenly. Muscles are more elastic and receptive and the body is put in alpha and delta states, states conducive to deep regeneration and higher awareness.”
– Charles Avery

“I sleep on the Biomat when I am experiencing insomnia. Within 10 minutes of lying on it, I am asleep.”
– Joy Eisenhauer

“On day 3 after my knee surgery I managed to get on the mat. My whole torso was aching from all the drugs and I felt awful. After 2 hours on the Biomat all my pain went away and I felt normal again. I continued using the Biomat for the next 5 days and saw huge improvements in my knee’s recovery. My doctor noticed the improvements as well.”
– Dennis Desanto

“On mornings where I feel cold and stiff, I will begin my yoga and stretching practice on the mat. Shivasana (rest pose) on the mat, at the close of my yoga session, is amazing.”
– Tara Walker

“It is wonderful for meditation since it induces alpha and delta states and helps you drop into a meditative state more quickly.”
– Elisabeth Hough