Coupon Exchange

Hello Everyone~

This is such a blessing to be able to Share, Sell or Trade the Product Certificate coupons that we all earn.

We are able to endorse them over to each other.

Be sure to let us know the amount you have/ or are looking for plus include the expiration date.

This allows us to combine our Product Certificates.

All coupons must be mailed to Richway International in Honolulu. The address is on the coupon.

All Product Certificates must be postmarked prior to expiration dates.

All Product Certificate orders must have a minimum of 5 Products Certificates.

You may not combine Cash and Product Certificates.

Shipping must be paid by Debit or Credit card on order form.

Please let everyone know what you need or have to share in the comments section below!

Product Certificates

Download (PDF,1.07MB)

Every sale in which you are the sponsor will earn you 10% in product certificates.  For example, if you make a sale of $1500, you will receive a $150 product certificate to be used towards the purchase of any Richway product. If you buy a product in your name (a personal purchase) you will not get the commission or the product certificate.  Your sponsor, or who sold you the item, will get them.  Whoever made the sale gets the Product Certificate.  You can only get a Product Certificate by making a sale to someone else.

  • Product certificates are valid for 3 months.
  • You must use a minimum of 5 certificates to make a purchase.  You may not combine cash and product certificates to make an order.
  • You must pay the shipping yourself.
  • You may share product certificates with others and combine them to make a purchase.  They must be endorsed to the person you are sharing with.
  • You will not earn any business centers for any product purchased with certificates.
  • Product certificate orders generally take a month or longer.
  • Once you become a Diamond Executive, you will have the option to receive 20% in Product Certificates if you join the Diamond Club. All Diamond club renewals must be renewed by January, 15th.