Get a Biomat Website

If you are interested in developing a web presence here is an  option for you.  Biomat Global Training is not affiliated with Cyber Studios. Our parent company Richway International has authorised Cyber Studios  to create a website with a shopping cart that goes directly to Richway Internationals credit card processing system. these websites are only available in the USA.

Go to to get a simple template Biomat Marketing website.

Biomat Global Training is not affiliated with Cyber Studios who runs this website. We are just passing on a helpful resource. If you have an existing website, ask your webmaster about linking a Biomat Marketing website shopping cart to your website. Ask Cyber Studios for their current pricing.

Please visit this to see if you like it. You can also build your own website or link your existing website to the shopping cart.

Be sure to submit a link to your website so that we can feature you in our members directory.