Distributors on the Path

We have a unique and diverse team of distributors all over the world. What unifies our distributors is that we are all committed to helping others access a better life.



Our Biomat Global Training system helps distributors design their own approach to their business.

“As a Managing Director of Richway International and member of the Royal Family, I have had the privilege of introducing the Biomat to thousands of people around the world since 2004. After personally experiencing the transformational healing qualities of the Biomat through detoxing from mercury and heavy metal poisoning, I knew that I wanted to share the Biomat with others. I have enjoyed incorporating the Biomat into other areas of my life and work. Prior to working with the Biomat, I trained extensively in Holistic Health, Sound Healing, and Energy Healing. I have taken a holistic approach to my business, focusing on Resonance marketing and encouraging my team members to work from a place of joy and positivity. I am so grateful to have found the Biomat and how it has supported me in actualizing my dreams, living internationally, producing my own music and staying home for the last four years to raise my son.”

Amber Monaghan


“The Biomat came into my life just over 3 years ago. While I originally bought it for myself, I naturally had to share it with my friends, family and patients. Personally, it supports me on a daily basis by providing and environment for me to retreat and relax on whenever I desire. I initially felt that it helped me to unwind years of exhaustion, adrenal overload, and tension in my body that accumulated from the rigorous schedule and demands of chiropractic school and running a busy office.

I always like to have a personal experience with self-care tools first before sharing with others. But, that barely happened with the Biomat because I placed it in my waiting room, along with the Alkal-Life 700 SL, and immediately people were flocking to it while waiting for their turn to get adjusted. I noticed that if they had a session on the biomat prior to their adjustment, their nervous system was deeply relaxed and ready to receive. It was as if they had already unwound the business of their hectic schedules that they would normally arrive with. People naturally began asking how they could have their own personal biomat and alkalized water system. And, so the journey of being a Biomat distributor began.

Being a Biomat distributor has been an exciting and abundant journey of sharing tools that I love with people who are ready to transform their lives.

Amber Monaghan from www.Biomatglobaltraining.com trained me to share the biomat in an easy and effective way. As a chiropractor, I naturally engage in conversations with people who are looking for more vitality in their lives so it feels natural to share the tools that contribute to my overall health and wellbeing. It is easy to tell my own personal story of how I have benefitted from the biomat, as well as what I have seen in my clients. Benefits I hear on a regular basis are: ”improved sleep, improved digestion, less pain, no more headaches, better mood, more alkalized, calmer nervous system, more relaxed children, greater hormonal balance, decreased period cramps, no jet lag, decreased stress….” The list goes on, but truthfully, the best way to experience the Biomat is to truly experience it, get on it, be still, and let it do it’s magic.”  Dr. Tracey Wright

“I share enthusiastically about the Biomat every chance I get. Working in the Holistic Healing Arts gives me ample opportunity to spread the word and offer this incredible healing tool to the world. When I love something it’s easy to talk about it. That’s how it is with the Biomat. I can speak eloquently on the healing aspects of far infrared light and negative ions, vibrational healing and amethyst crystal ancient wisdom. What I’ve lacked as a distributor is the quality of persistence which produces results in the ‘closing of a sale’ department. The one Biomat that I sold was accomplished on my pure enthusiasm, which mixed well with the person’s openness and eagerness to try something new. I have the best sponsor in all of Richway International! I have watched Amber from the beginning of her incredible career with the Biomat. She has a magical way of letting the Biomat guide her to where it needs to be next. Amber simply allowed the Biomat to support her in all aspects of her life, and it’s a joy to be witness to the life changes she’s made, and to be part of her journey.”  ~Keith Anderson www.quantumharmonyhealing.com

I like showing people how to feel better. I usually get all positive feedback with the exception of detox side effect stories, which means the product is working. I love the education and service I’m providing.”

Brent Willet


We are in the process of gathering more business testimonials to share from the rest of Biomat Global Training team!