Demo Night Guide: How to Share With Others

Demo Night Guide

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 Hosting a Demo Night is an excellent way to provide people with an experience of the Biomat that they will remember. In the beginning of your Demo Night, set up the Biomat on a massage table, the floor, a coach or a bed.  It is best to set up the Biomat in the room where the meeting will happen, so everyone is included. Provide good water for your guests. Hydration is essential to integrating the Biomat’s positive effects with the body.

Step 1:  Describe your own experience with the Biomat and how you have seen it help your life.

Step 2:  Share a few testimonials that you have witnessed with other people.

Step 3:  Hand out the Biomat Basics PDF.

Step 4:  Highlight the technology of the Biomat.

You can use the “Presentation Cheat Sheet”.

Step 5:  Check in with people on how they feel before and after the Biomat.  You can do this as they move on and off the Biomat or in a circle after.

Make sure each guest gets a chance to experience the Biomat for 10-15 minutes.  Set a timer, so the rotation happens naturally. Many people will want a second turn.  If you have a copy of the Bioride Audio Presentation, you may offer it to use with headphones for the person experiencing the demo.

A nice way to share throughout the evening is to encourage each person to describe his or her experience before and after using the Biomat.  This takes the pressure off you to be the only one presenting information.  It is always a great idea to gather testimonials by writing them down or giving people cards to write down their experience.  You are gathering data, first-hand experience and confidence. Two hours is generally a nice amount of time.

If you chose to sell the water system as well, invite people to bring a container to fill up with alkaline water to bring home.


Gather all of their emails and offer to host one of these events at their house if they have friends they know who could benefit from this.  Be sure to email and invite people to every Biomat event that you host. People will send their friends.