3. Compensation Plan & How to Make Money



There are 3 ways to make money with the Biomat.

        1.  Binary Bonus Checks

2.  Commissions

3.  Product Certificates

The documents below will walk you through your first sales

and show you the abundance that the Biomat can offer.


Here is a simple breakdown of the Commission Levels and

Binary Bonus opportunities. Within just a few sales, you will

be a Diamond Distributor earning  15% commission.

Download (PDF,247KB)

Click here to download The Binary Sales Placement PDF

Here is a breakdown of the different commission levels.

Download (PDF,294KB)

Click here to download The Commission Levels PDF

Here is some information on how you can achieve product

certificates. Product Certificates are a wonderful way to get

free demo products!  You can also combine them with cash

or share the Product Certificates amongst your team.

Download (PDF,364KB)

Click here to download Product Certificate Info Sheet PDF

Here is a cheat sheet we have made to help you along the way.

Download (PDF,11.42MB)

Click here to download A Cheat Sheet PDF to have on hand.

Acknowledge what you know and discover what there is to


Business Centers, Bonus Checks & Points A Quick Reference

Business Centers- You get a business center in your name for every $500 you purchase. You get a business center loaned to you if you only choose to purchase a distributor kit when you begin. Your first $500 purchase will replace the loaned business center. Business centers have a left and right side. As you get more business centers with the more product you purchase, you can place these business centers strategically in your downline to create more binary bonus checks.

Binary Bonus checks- are paid out weekly. Each business center has the possibility of generating a $400, $800, or $1,200 binary bonus check each week depending on their commission level. A distributor must own 3 business centers and have purchased or sold a total of $4,500 to begin to receive binary bonus checks. Your bonus points will continue to accrue until there is a minimum of 6 points on your left and 6 points on your right of any of your personal business centers. Bonus points only pay out or zero out when you get paid.

Bonus points- are created for every $500 increment purchased or sold. All points travel UP through each business center they touch. The points remain at each center that they touch as they flow upward. This is how everyone can benefit from each other’s sales. All points flow infinitely UP, even beyond and above your network. Points remain and wait at each business center until they accrue a minimum of 6 bonus points on the left and 6 bonus points on the right, where they then pay out with a binary bonus check (once again, you will only receive binary bonus checks on business centers in your name). There is no cutoff, no expiration, no quota, no time limit. All points will continue to flow up and be held in the business centers in your name until you reach enough points to be paid with a binary bonus check. Every week, points are calculated for sales from that week, and binary bonus checks paid if you qualify.