7. Testimonial Magic

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Gathering testimonials is just like gathering gold nuggets.

In the Seventh Key to Success, you will learn how to sculpt

testimonials using The Testimonial Template.


Testimonial by Biomat Global

Find Your Own Story

Telling the story of your OWN experience with the Biomat is worth a thousand words. Authenticity sells. Simply tell your story, and the rest will follow. It can be as easy as that. This is Resonance marketing in its truest form.

This is why it is so important to experience the healing benefits of the Biomat yourself. Create your own testimonial and be yourself when talking about the Biomat.

How to Create Testimonials

 I remember the first training I went to with the inventors of the Biomat. I was so excited to learn all the technical aspects of the Biomat and how it functions.  As the day went on, it became clear that all they were doing was sharing testimonials.  This is how they felt the benefits of the Biomat could best be conveyed, by sharing other people’s healing experiences.  I realized the broad scope of healing that the Biomat truly offers after going to that workshop and hearing how the Biomat has empowered peoples bodies to heal, arthritis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, poor circulation, cancer, MS, Lupus and the ailments go on and on.  This is when I realized the power of sharing testimonials.

When I do a demo, I always am looking for a testimonial even if it is just a ten minute session. Before they get on the Biomat, I ask them to take a physical and emotional inventory.  Sometimes I ask for a number between 1-10 if there is pain present. And then when they get off, I ask them to re-evaluate. This allows people to recognize any changes that may have occurred during the session.


Testimonial Template:


Before I used the Biomat, I had a deep pain in my back that felt like a 9.


During a 20 minute session on the setting 2-Gold, I felt the circulation in my back increase and the pain completely dissolve.


After my session, the pain was completely gone and I was so grateful to be at a 1.

Eliciting a clear testimonial requires you to ask simple questions of your prospective clients.


*Can you take an emotional and physical inventory?

*Do you have any discomfort in your body?

*Can you rate the pain between a 1-10, 10 being the highest?


*Let them relax into the experience.


*Can you please scan your body and tell me if the pain sensation has changed.

*Did you notice anything else?

Be open to a wide variety of experiences. Some people feel nothing, and that is okay!

Have a pen and paper to write down their testimonials, or provide a space for them to write it themselves. If you plan on sharing their testimonial, ask permission with them first.

When you are introducing the Biomat to people, it is perfectly fine to use testimonials of others to teach about it. Sharing other people’s experiences is a great way to convey the power of the Biomat.

Think about collecting testimonials as collecting gold nuggets.  These gold nuggets will ignite other people’s growth and hope to embrace change.  These testimonials will  encourage and educate people offering examples of how the Biomat could be a solution for them too!

You can write down other people’s testimonials, take an audio or a video and share them with the Biomat Global Training community by uploading it onto www.Biomatglobaltraining.com in the testimonials section after you log in.  Please share the gold nuggets that you collect on your journey so that all of us can learn from each other.

Here are some examples:

  • “The Biomat came into my life just over 3 years ago. While I originally bought it for myself, I naturally had to share it with my friends, family and patients. Personally, it supports me on a daily basis by providing and environment for me to retreat and relax on whenever I desire. I initially felt that it helped me to unwind years of exhaustion, adrenal overload, and tension in my body that accumulated from the rigorous schedule and demands of chiropractic school and running a busy office.

    I always like to have a personal experience with self-care tools first before sharing with others. But, that barely happened with the Biomat because I placed it in my waiting room, along with the Alkal-Life 700 SL, and immediately people were flocking to it while waiting for their turn to get adjusted. I noticed that if they had a session on the biomat prior to their adjustment, their nervous system was deeply relaxed and ready to receive. It was as if they had already unwound the business of their hectic schedules that they would normally arrive with. People naturally began asking how they could have their own personal biomat and alkalized water system. And, so the journey of being a Biomat distributor began.

    Being a Biomat distributor has been an exciting and abundant journey of sharing tools that I love with people who are ready to transform their lives. Amber Monaghan from http://biomatglobaltraining.com/ trained me to share the biomat in an easy and effective way. As a chiropractor, I naturally engage in conversations with people who are looking for more vitality in their lives so it feels natural to share the tools that contribute to my overall health and wellbeing. It is easy to tell my own personal story of how I have benefitted from the biomat, as well as what I have seen in my clients. Benefits I hear on a regular basis are: ”improved sleep, improved digestion, less pain, no more headaches, better mood, more alkalized, calmer nervous system, more relaxed children, greater hormonal balance, decreased period cramps, no jet lag, decreased stress….” The list goes on, but truthfully, the best way to experience the Biomat is to truly experience it, get on it, be still, and let it do it’s magic.”

    Dr. Tracey Wright

  • “As a holistic health counselor and herbalist, I have always been interested in healing.  There are a lot of products out there that make big promises but fail to deliver results, which is why I’ve always focused on a patient’s innate ability to heal themselves and the world.  When Amber introduced me to Amethyst Biomat, I was unusually curious because I could sense that this was not your typical healing product.  We had been in a 4 day intensive seminar together which had us up very early and going to bed very late.  I was so completely exhausted by the end of it.  Amber invited me to lay down on her Biomat and after only 15 minutes I experienced a deep sense of calm and wellbeing, and at the same time a pulse of rejuvenating energy.  It was like I had awoken from a full night of sleep.  Following my encounter with the Biomat, I could not stop dreaming about it.  Every night the Biomat would somehow be in my dream.  Finally one morning I woke up and agreed with my persistent dreams that it was time to buy one. Now I sleep on my Biomat every night and feel so balanced and rejuvenated in the morning.  I do meditations on it as well, and feel that the Biomat really amplifies my energy.  I have also bypassed multiple colds and flus by doing hot treatments, and enjoy doing the sauna treatments.  After experiencing such powerful results in myself and my clients, I decided to start selling Biomats to others interested in purchasing and distributing the products worldwide and createdwww.Biomathealth.com.  Amber was very helpful in answering my questions as a new distributor.  Eight years later, I have worked with thousands of customers and distributors and have the joy of hearing all the other success stories.  I am immensely grateful that I met Amber on that fortuitous night, and am deeply satisfied knowing that I am helping to promote a product that truly heals and expands the human experience.”
–  Jennifer Baccellieri
  • “Any time my children have stomach aches or my wife has menstrual cramps, the Biomat on high settings for 15-30 minutes gives relief like nothing else.”
 – Jeffrey Williams
  • “I have a chronic unknown disorder somewhat like MS. My Biomat is often the only tool or technique that tests beneficial for me. If I didn’t sleep and meditate on it regularly I would not even be able to control my hands.”
– Shawn Quinn
  • “For years my belly would stay cold while the rest of me would be hot and uncomfortable. My digestion had been off and I’d been gaining weight. I started using the biomat and after 3 weeks my belly would warm up and my digestion got better. I also lost some weight and feel certain that I averted something much worse.”

– Phillip Evans

  • “Once or twice a week, I like to do a sauna session.  First, I take a shower, drink two glasses of water, and put a natural fiber robe on. Then I lie on my Biomat covered with a down comforter. It feels like a cocoon of light surrounds me and I sweat for 30 minutes to an hour.  After this, I drink two more glasses of water.  It is a powerful and invigorating detox. It is also great to do if you ever feel as though you are getting sick since it will simulate a fever and charge your immune system.”


  •  “I absolutely love my Biomat!  I sleep on it nightly, and even take it to Mexico with me when I work down there for a week at a time.  Not only do I sleep on it, I recharge on it multiple times throughout the day.  I work in a 96 degree warm water pool facilitating aquatic bodywork at a top resort/spa.  I love what I do, and it takes a lot out of me.  I feel so blessed to be able to have the Biomat at the top of my list for Self Care… it most definitely helps me provide the best possible service to my clients.
    My Biomat Professional makes my sound healing table the Best in the World!  When my clients first lie on the warm, yummy table, they say either “Ooooh” or “Ahhhhh”.  I give a quick explanation of the far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst crystals- sharing that they are already receiving an “atomic level massage”, simply by lying on the Biomat.  The energy medicine provided by the Biomat is the perfect compliment to the vibrational medicine of sound healing. As I first experienced this combination I literally felt my muscles releasing incrementally, in obvious steps. Wild!”
    -Keith Anderson
  • “I take a sauna every morning to start my day, followed by a cool shower – this activates my lymph glands and balances my hormones.  I have also lost weight.”

-Vivian Satow

  • “To cool and refresh, I use it on just “power on”.  This setting does not generate heat, but only generates negative ions.  This is a relaxing and refreshing setting.”

– Thomas Paul

  • “Within the first nights of sleeping on the Biomat, I slept more soundly and awoke more deeply relaxed than ever before. In the summer it helps me to sleep cooler.”

–  Lula Chapman

  • “If I am feeling stressed, a short rest on the Biomat always refreshes.”

–  Sarah Davis

  • “Within three months I had dropped one clothing size.  I had been taking frequent “saunas” once or twice a week on the Biomat (High Red Settings 149F – 158F).”

-Jana Taylor

  • “When I was recovering from chronic fatigue and rebooting my immune system, I spent almost 18 hours a day on the Biomat rotating through the different settings.  Now I use it for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. And when I travel, use the Biomat for jet-lag and for boosting my immune system. If I feel symptoms of flu or cold coming on, I use the Biomat for an hour at middle heat, and I will not get sick.”

– Amber Monaghan

  • “I love to lie on my stomach on the Biomat.  This is helpful for easing menstrual cramps and aiding digestion. I also like to lie on my back with my knees bent and the bottoms of my feet on the Biomat, especially when my feet are cold/and or sore.  I feel that it opens the reflex points and meridians.  Receiving a massage on it can be heavenly.  Muscles are more elastic and receptive and the body is put in alpha and delta states, states conducive to deep regeneration and higher awareness.”

– Charles Avery

  • “I sleep on the Biomat when I am experiencing insomnia.  Within 10 minutes of lying on it, I am asleep.”

– Joy Eisenhauer

  • “On day 3 after my knee surgery I managed to get on the mat. My whole torso was aching from all the drugs and I felt awful.  After 2 hours on the Biomat all my pain went away and I felt normal again. I continued using the Biomat for the next 5 days and saw huge improvements in my knee’s recovery.  My doctor noticed the improvements as well.”

– Dennis   Desanto

  • “On mornings where I feel cold and stiff, I will begin my yoga and stretching practice on the mat.  Shivasana (rest pose) on the mat, at the close of my yoga session, is amazing.”

–  Tara Walker

  • “It is wonderful for meditation since it induces alpha and delta states and helps you drop into a meditative state more quickly.”

– Elisabeth Hough



Use The Testimonial Template to emphasize your experience on the Biomat.  Be as succinct as possible and begin by writing your testimonial. Submit it to Biomatglobal@gmail.com with testimonial in the subject line to help build our collection of testimonials.