9. How to Handle Objections

As a Biomat Chauffeur, you will be interacting with some naysayers.  

Let them amuse you.  

Don’t take it personally.  

Don’t let them hijack your confidence.  

This is why it is so important to be connected to your passions, so that no one can knock you off course.  

I have encountered some hilarious doubters in my Biomat Sales experience.  If you have a funny interaction, jump on the Biomat and let it go.


There will always be more people who are grateful for you introducing them to the Biomat then the negative skeptics.

How To Handle Objections

Be aware of people’s ways of being around expensive items.  The price of our products can trigger negativity in some people. Do not take this on. And don’t take it personal or let their reactions make you second-guess your own relationship with the Biomat. This is why we recommend using the Biomat regularly so you are clear with the benefits that you receive personally. Know that your personal experience is your anchor and conviction and no one can talk you out of this.

I once had a woman buy a queen-size Biomat.  When it arrived at her house, her husband was outraged. He demanded that she return it and he claimed that Negative Ions didn’t exist and were a make-believe  hoax told her she got scammed. Even though, there is a Nobel Prize acknowledging the power of negative ions and their healing effects on the human body. That was his way of disapproving of her spending $3400. His wife had been in chronic pain for years and had great results with only one session on the Biomat. Sadly she returned it.

Click here to download a copy of the Nobel Prize

People’s lives are changed when they use the Biomat.  Change can be scary for some. So they will make up all types of stories to avoid change. I have also seen in doing demos in public places, if someone sees the price before trying it they will avoid touching it at all if they are opposed to spending money.  I just let them know it’s free to touch and it’s free to try. I give them the space to have their opinions and continue to encourage them to explore. One of our distributors recently shared that, “my dad finally tried the biomat after 7 years for first time,  stubborn man! He likes it now!”

Beyond every person who doubts, there are ten people who will be elated to include the Biomat into their life!

A Two-Step Formula for Handling Objections

In this article we focus on a proven two-step formula that can help you handle any objection.

Step 1: Count to three!
 Whenever you’re faced with answering difficult questions or with handling objections, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath, make eye contact with your prospect and silently count to three.

It is amazing how many clients will answer their own objections, or at least give you some much-needed information, when you simply say nothing. Don’t be afraid of silence.

A couple of years ago, I was buying a new pair of glasses and having lenses put in an old pair. The optician was clearly afraid to talk about price, and even went so far as to write the estimate down on a piece of paper and pass it to me instead of saying the price out loud.

To my surprise, the number actually struck me as very reasonable. I had left my purse at home, so I turned to my husband to get his wallet. The optician took my silence as an objection and immediately dropped the price 15%.

This seemingly minor transaction was a great demonstration of the power of silence in handling objections, and the lengths most people will go to in order to fill it. In sales, you can use a short silence to effectively handle almost any objection, particularly those related to price.

Whenever a client tells you your price is too high, just breathe and be quiet. You will find that around 40% of all prospects will fill that silence with information you can use to move the sale forward.

Step 2: Ask questions.
 You can ask up to three questions when handling objections before you have to provide an answer – provided you ask the right questions in the right way.

You want to ask questions so they can do an inventory of the benefit that is beyond the price.

For example “Can you imagine how your life would be different if you received a massage everyday?”

The Biomat provides deep relaxation and nurturing similar to a massage.

The key is to acknowledge what the customer is saying and then offer them a compliment before asking your question. For example, try saying something like “I appreciate you asking that,” “that’s a really great question,” “I understand how you feel” or “good point, I never thought about that!”

The more present you can be with your potential customers concerns and needs, the easier it will be for you to identify which questions to ask.

Ask them a question that is both direct and phrased to elicit more information. The following are some responses you can use to answer a few of the more common objections.

OBJECTION: “Wow!  That is expensive.”

RESPONSES:  I always personalize a response in a way that addresses what they are dealing with in their lives.

•For example, someone with chronic stress:  Can you imagine how your life could be different releasing stress daily by using the Biomat everyday?

65-untitled-0621 Ask a massage therapist:

Would your work be easier if your clients were more relaxed faster?  As a therapist, would you like to receive the first and last session of the day personally?

• Could you use some extra income?

• Would you eventually like to have a passive income so you only do massage when you feel like it, not because you have to?

• To someone with chronic pain:  If you could get on and off the Biomat throughout your day to alleviate your pain, how much is that worth?

• To people with insomnia:  If you could get a full night of deep sleep, how would that feel?Biomat session



OBJECTION: It’s electric and plugged in.  I don’t want to touch it.


• I understand your concern.  The Biomat has an electro magnetic interceptor in the control box that converts harmful AC current into DC current.  DC current is biocompatible for the body.  A DC pulse runs through the carbon, ceramic Kurare super fiber and this generates the Negative Ions and the Far Infrared Light. Keep the control box away from your body when using the Biomat.

*Whenever a client says “I need a discount,” their sales reps look them squarely in the eye and say “discount?” I can offer you a 100$ discount if you are a professional and you are purchasing the Biomat Professional 7000 massage table sized Biomat then you can offer a discount on this size only.

You will need a copy of a certification or a license, Examples  Chiropractor, Doctor, Acupuncture, Yoga Instructor,Massage, Esthetician, Dentist, Reiki, Pilates, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer Etc.

A copy of this certification will need to be submitted with the order. it can be emailed to customerservice@richwayusa.com with the RI# included.


Action 1:

Set up 2 demos.  

One with a known naysayer and one with someone who you know will be more open to the Biomat.  

Observe your inner experience of the process of interacting with different personalities.  

Practice the 2 step formula for handling objections.  

Remember, what you are bringing has tremendous value and offers a solution to make people’s lives better.

 “You can be a victim or you can be rich, but you cannot be both. Listen up! Every time, and I mean every time, you blame, justify or complain, you are slitting your financial throat.”

~T. Harv Eker