4. Niche Marketing


Choose Your Niche Market with the Biomat

The marketing technique that I found success with is called Resonance Marketing. It is about setting up your frequency to attract sales to you. It is a process of trusting. By laying on your Biomat and setting an intention, the universe will conspire with you.

Fully embody the resonance of the Biomat.  I operate by nurturing and filling myself up first, and then I trust that it will be more effortless to attract others from a more full place.  I de-stress so that I can attract people who are looking to de-stress.  They will be attracted to that energy because that is what they want.  I found giving myself self-care and adding the intention to reach others works better than cold calling businesses.  It may sound too easy because it is.  And then it is about being willing to talk to people who are ready for you. As soon as I hear someone reference something that the Biomat could be a solution for, I take that as a signal to share.

For example, a conversation could go something like this.

Amber:  Hi, Claire.  How are you?

Claire:  Oh, I haven’t been sleeping well.

Amber:  Really?  Do you wake up in the night or is it hard to fall asleep?  (Just a simple question to let people know that you are interested in their well-being).

Claire:  I wake up at 2am and I can’t get back to sleep.

Amber:  Oh, how long has this been going on for?

Claire: 8 days.

Amber:  When I have difficulty sleeping I use the Biomat, a medical device that generates negative ions, which help the body release stress  and deeply relax the nervous system.  The Biomat also uses  Far Infrared light, which is a very healing and soothing energy. In Asia, many people sleep on the Biomat every night to regenerate and sleep deeper. I’d be happy to lend you one for a night, if you are interested in experiencing it?

Claire:  Well, where can I learn more about it?

Amber:  You can go to my website www.Biomatglobal.com and I would be happy to email you more information.

Claire:  Yeah!  Actually, I would do anything to sleep deeper. My whole life would change.  When can I try it?

Amber:  It’s available tomorrow.

mini biomatThis is a simple example of a casual meeting with someone that turned into a business opportunity. In the follow up email, I would include the Biomat Basics pdf to educate them further.

Here is another example of resonance marketing. I would be going to a sound healing convention in a couple of days. In preparation, I would lay on the Biomat daily feeling as though I am already at the convention and letting everyone in the room know that the energy of the Biomat is available for them to experience on a personal level. As I lay on the Biomat prior to arriving, I envision all the people lined up for a demo in my hotel room in the lunch break and evenings because I would transform my hotel room into a Biomat showroom. This particular event did not have booths. That is why I chose this way to share the Biomat. I see them being soothed and energized in their 15-minute sessions on the Biomat. I visualize them getting off the Biomat, going to get their friends and bringing them back to experience the Biomat. I see professionals, who already have some sort of healing practice, handing me their credit cards excited to incorporate the Biomat into what they already offer. I feel the excitement of people experiencing the Biomat for the first time. I feel the nurturing that happens for people daily once they have bought the Biomat. I see people who have had a chronic pain going on the Biomat and just letting it dissolve instantly. I just let them all know that the Biomat is available to them at this three day conference.  It doesn’t matter what type of event you will be sharing the Biomat at, this technique will set the resonance for success.


I highly recommend doing this while laying on the Biomat.  Feel it already all happening.  Or I would go to an event having already figured out how many sales I need to make to cover the costs etc.  Even if the sales have not been completed within the event, I know that when I follow up I will close some sales or they will call me within a week or two. I stay positive and trust that the orders are coming.  I often have people call me after a year and tell me they have never forgotten that feeling they experienced on the Biomat and that they have been waiting for the right time to make their purchase.

When people say they don’t have money, I always tell them that the money comes in mysterious ways for the Biomat, so be ready for it!  I stay positive.

Another thing, when I am not sure what to do in the business, I lay down for a twenty minute session and I say, “anyone who is ready for the Biomat, call me or one of my distributors!” Once or twice a week, go on the Biomat and meditate on letting people know the Biomat is available. When they call you (and they will) to tell you what is going on with them, let them know you have something to help them.  Invite them over or if they are a qualified buyer lend them the Biomat for just one night.  And then I will ask how everyone else is in their family?  I recommend other people in the family to try it while it is in their house.

Enjoy using Resonance Marketing to bring you all the business that you’d like.  I have successfully used this technique for 12 years and continuously manifest weekly bonus checks wherever I am in the world.

Amber villa waterfall sexy

     Passion creates magnetism

You become a center of influence in your industry because

your passion is palpable.  ~Marie Forleo

Some people have found it helpful to make a vision board or collage 
representing their “WHY”, or the life that they would like to live. I personally make a new vision board every year in January.

There are many different ways of marketing…

Here are some examples:

  • Approaching businesses in your niche market
  • Demo events
  • Health Expo
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Word of mouth and referrals
  • Creating a website and using social media (please refer to link on marketing guidelines if you plan to use this method)
  • Doctors offices
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncture
  • Physio Therapy
  • Pilates Studios
  • Kids Clubs
  • The possibilities are endless