2. Use Your Biomat


Use your Biomat!

 This business is so unique, you feel like you are getting a gentle

massage as you learn.


Take the first turn on your Biomat.


Be your first client.


As you personally receive the benefits of the Biomat, you will

build confidence in your ability to share with others.


Click Here listen to “Bio Ride” Audio File now and learn as you



You have your own amazing state of the

art healing tool at your


In essence, you have your own private healing practitioner at your

service whenever you’d like. The Biomat empowers your body’s

ability to heal itself. The benefits accumulate the more you use it.

 The Biomat helps your body release

stress, this allows the

body to heal and rejuvenate on a deep level.

Unwind and regenerate daily with the Biomat.

One of the most important things to remember is to drink water

before and after each use. If you become dehydrated, you may feel

anxious or lethargic. Your body needs extra water to flush out the

mobilized toxins and deliver hydration to your cells.


To understand the technology best, regular usage of your Biomat is

how we learn first hand. This experience will give you an authentic

power to draw upon when talking about the Biomat. The science

and technology will be learned as you go, but having your own

experience reveals first hand how the Biomat works.

Luckily sharing our authentic experience is easy.

People trust authenticity.

Use your experience to gain inner

authority when sharing about the

Biomat with friends and clients.

Biomat session 64-untitled-0615

Relax, radiate and let the light soothe and revitalize you.

When you first get your Biomat, take notes on your experience. It is

a good idea to get a Biomat journal to write down how your life

changes as you use the Biomat. Before you begin a session on the

Biomat, declare any pain, stress or discomfort you may be

experiencing. Use a number between 1-10, 10 being the most

intense. And then when you are finished, write down if anything has

shifted in your body. Describe your session. You can refer back to

these notes when sculpting your own testimonial.

 Step 1:  Drink a glass of water.

Step 2:  Set up your Biomat.

Click here to download “Biomat Basics” PDF to learn the science

behind the Biomat’s healing properties.

Step 3:  Start slow and gentle.

The first or second Gold setting on the Biomat controller is a nice

setting for a 30 minute introductory session.

Step 4:  Put your headphones on, relax while you learn.

This is an audio that conveys the healing elements of the Biomat.

As you provide more demos, you will love how the Bio-Ride audio is

able to support you as you share.  It was originally designed to be

used at an extreme sports convention.