11. Raising Your Income

Would you like to raise your income between 3,000 and  $40,000 a year in bonuses?

How good would it feel to get an Auto Allowance?

Introducing the Diamond Challenge


$3,000-$40,000 in Extra Bonuses per Year

By now, you are grasping how the points flow up through the Binary Business center system.  By keeping your business center 001 paying out with a minimum of 6 points on the left and 6 points on the right for 12 weeks straight when you are enrolled in the diamond challenge, you will automatically receive $10,000!  That is how easy the Diamond Challenge is. You may enter the Diamond Challenge 4 times a year.  Each Diamond Challenge round lasts for 12 weeks.  There are 2 ways to join a Diamond Challenge.

  1. If you were to sign up and sponsor 16 Diamonds level distributors a year (4 Diamonds every 3 months) you can give yourself a $40,000 raise yearly, Easy!  Your choice. The people you have sponsored to become Diamond level ISA Distributors will soon be sponsoring their own Diamonds, so you could achieve the goal of earning a Binary Bonus check on your 001 for 12 consecutive weeks, without making any sales yourself. Are you available for an extra $40,000 a year? You can also strategise with your team and all join the Diamond Challenge simultaneously.  Do you have a family member or a good friend who would want to join you in this exciting opportunity?  Make a list. What will you do with all this extra income?  Feel it as though it has already arrived.  See the separate bank account filling up with money. Make a special vision board of the life you are creating with the Diamond Challenge Bonus money.  Create the energy and joy of how it will feel when the checks come.  Doing this will bring you the 16 Diamond Distributors.  Energise this vision regularly on your Biomat.  Imagine the money is already here and think how much fun it will be to spend it. Rules for the Diamond Challenge
  • You have to be a Diamond level distributor. Join the Diamond Club. You must be in the Diamond Club to participate in the Diamond Challenge.  You have to pay $280 a year once you have achieved Diamond Level Commission Status.
  • You may enter the Diamond Challenge 4 times a year as long as you have new Diamond distributors to submit each time.
  • If your 001 business center does not pay out during any of the 12 weeks of the Diamond Challenge time period, you will miss the rest of the  bonuses.
  • Fax or email the company your Diamond Challenge form declaring that you are now entering the Diamond Challenge.
  • Do a follow up email to customerservice@richwayusa.com.


Diamond Club purchases are only available for “Diamond” status distributors. Regardless of the date joined, the membership is only active within the year it is established. December 31st is the end of the year. Diamond Club members receives 50% off of 1 of each product for demos each year. Diamond club members also receive 12% in product certificates. They also may join the diamond challenge up to 4 times a year. Be sure to renew your Diamond Club membership.

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Make a Diamond List

Click here to download The Make a Diamond List to fill it out by hand.

Who do you know who want to join you in making an extra $3,000 to $40,000 in bonuses?




















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The Auto Allowance

More Big Bonuses

  • To qualify for auto allowance you must first become a Diamond Executive. See the new auto allowance brochure to learn all the details.
  • Richway will pay 10% of your monthly binary bonus checks towards your car loan each month, up to a thousand dollars per month.  However, once the payment is set, it will not fluctuate per month unless your income changes.  For example you purchase a car with monthly payments of $300.  You submit this information to Raymond  Kim at Richway.  The Fax # in Honolulu is (808)597-1651 Richway will then pay you the amount of your loan payment, or less, each month for three to five years – in this case $300. The value of the car must be at least 20,000.

 Click HERE to download the Auto Allowance Form!

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Royal Family

The Next Step After Becoming a Diamond

  Royal Family is the step above Diamond Executive.  . Once you qualify, you will earn 2% profit sharing of total company sales that is divided amongst the Royal Family. To ensure you are qualified as active you must sponsor 4 diamonds a years to qualify for your Royal family Bonus. At this point, there are only about 25 people in the Royal Family.  You must declare when you are going for Royal Family at the beginning of the 6 month period and submit your form.  

 Rules for Attaining RichWay Royal Family Status Royal Family is the highest acheivement an independent distributor can attain with RichWay International. ROYAL FAMILY: An Independent representative will achieve the pinnacle of success with Richway once they meet the following criteria.

    1. Develops an extended group and assists 4 independent representatives, whom they sponsored to become Diamond Executives.

1) Receives a combined total of at least $50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Dollars) in binary bonus commissions during the calendar 6 months of qualification. NEW ROYAL FAMILY MEMBER’S BONUSES AND REWARDS:

    1. May earn profit sharing bonus of 2% of COMPANY GROSS SALES VOLUME. (U.S.A , Canada, and Mexico is Group 1) (Japan, Korea, and Philippines is Group 2)

Royal Family members must be active leaders to receive the profit sharing leadership bonus, they must sponsor 4 new diamond distributors each year to be considered active.


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