6. Word of Mouth Marketing


My favorite thing about Word of Mouth Marketing

is that it is based on being good to people.

I have attained all of my success through Word of Mouth Marketing combined with Resonance Marketing.

How the Word Can Get Out:

A Story About Seizing the Moment

Prior to arriving at an event, I always visualize attracting new distributors and selling enough to cover all expenses and more.  At one four day event, I decided I wanted to sell 5 Biomats. I was actually at the event studying how to become a trainer. As I met people throughout the weekend and they asked what I did, I let them know that I worked with the Biomat and that I had one with me that they could experience. It was the last evening, the event was over and people were mingling in the Marriott Hotel lobby bar.  I saw a few people who expressed interest and let them know I was going to be setting it up in a few minutes in the lobby bar. They were very excited, so I ran to my car and whipped it out. I discreetly set up the Biomat on a side bench in the lobby bar area. Very soon after, there was a line of people waiting to try it. I ended up selling five! It was almost 11 o’clock at night.  I took action to actualize my goals.

Being of service to people, I have offered many hours of my time for free. I always trusted that the generosity of sharing would eventually come back to me. Even if there was not a financial gain at an event, I always trusted that the energy I was sharing was making the world a better place and that I would be taken care of.

When I decide I want to share, I look for locations to access people where I  will also nourish my own passions.  I love sound healing.  I would go to big sound healing events in Seattle where there were 400+ participants for a 3 day event.  I would stay at the hotel where the event was happening and turn my hotel room into a Biomat demo show room. On the networking table of the event, I would put an invitation to come experience the Amethyst Crystal Biomat in room #1101 during lunch breaks and in the evenings.  Many would come buy them and send their friends the next day.  The last day of the event was always very busy because the buzz had gotten out. I have had more success at venues where people pay over 100$ to attend.



Create a plan as to how you will take care of the talkers in your life.  If it’s your hairstylist or massage therapist, bring the Biomat to one of your sessions and offer to leave it with them for the evening.  Sometimes, if I know a talker who could really benefit from owning the Biomat, I will create a deal with them by sharing all the commissions made from the clients they refer to me. I’ll set a time period of three months or so for them to refer people and if their referrals purchase from me, then I help my friend, the talker, get a Biomat.  Even by sharing commissions and product certificates, I still benefit from the points generated by the sales and earn Binary Bonus Checks.