10. Demystifying Placement

How exciting, the sales have begun! Now you

can learn some simple placement strategy to

generate consistent bonuses.

New Sale Thought Process

 Congratulations! You have just made a sale. They may not have chosen to be a

distributor yet and that is just fine. Many people choose to upgrade to a distributor

after they fall in love with the Biomat.

Ask yourself the following questions to help maximize your sale and strategize the best placement.

  1. How many bonus points will this sale generate?
  2. Do I need points on the left or right side of my business center to gain bonus checks?  Can I get a $400, $800, $1200 bonus check this week by strategically placing this sale anywhere in particular?
  3. Is this person going to be a part of a specific team?
  4. Do they have other friends already in the company?
  5. Are they in a city with other people that are already in the company?
  6. Is there anyone these people could be linked to in the company? If so place them there.

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Watch the back office tutorial videos. You can make placements online here if you are ordering with in the United States.


Demystifying Placement

Strategies for Placing Sales and New Distributors 

In order to generate the most money in bonuses, it is important to understand where to place sales in your Business Center Structure to obtain the most out of the Binary Bonus System.

Bonuses are paid weekly on the Business centers that have a minimum of 6 points on the left and 6 points on the right.  The reason that strategizing placements of your distributors is important is because you will be able to reap the benefits of your distributor’s sales in the future. You will want to place distributor’s evenly on the left and right side of your business centers. By placing them in a balanced way, this will help you generate more bonus checks from their sales. Even when you are not selling product yourself.

Placement strategies can empower how your team works and earns together. You will always want people who work together to be placed together. This will empower groups to work closer and benefit from each other’s sales. For example, two distributors could host an evening house demo event and share commissions and they both would receive the bonus points made that evening. It is a good idea to group distributors together who live in the same city, even if they don’t know each other.  This enables the possibility for them to join forces and collaborate. For example, Sue and Jill had an event together. Now they both have 6 points on their right side.  So, when they individually make sales, they will put them on their left side.  Now, they will each get a bonus check within 2 more sales. They were both able to gather points from the same sales at the demo evening they hosted together.  Or if you are a chiropractic office, it is a good idea to sign up the front desk person and other doctors in the office so every one can benefit as sales are made. Or at a yoga studio, the students and teachers can work together so that everyone is earning bonus points and bonus checks.

For future Diamond Challenge Bonus strategies, you will need your 001 business center to pay out weekly a minimum of 6 points on the left and 6 points on the right for 10-12 weeks consecutively.  In 12th Key to Distributor Success, we will explain the Diamond Challenge, a way to make and extra $3,000 or even up to $40,000 a year.

I recommend  regular team meetings to brainstorm new opportunities, encourage each other and build confidence together.